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Our Services

Julie Lorente - Director Counsellor & Nutritionist

Life In Balance is a premiere counselling and nutritional provider, offering personalised and professional services for those seeking to improve their health & mental wellbeing. With an experienced and compassionate therapist, Life In Balance provides effective and empowering solutions to help individuals find balance and joy in their lives.

For after hours appointments, please call
1300 232 166 



Prior to your initial counselling session we will send you an evaluation form that will help you & us track your progress. At your initial  counselling session we will  get to know you & your needs.


Our amazing counsellor will gently guide you and listen carefully to your concerns. Collaboratively we will decide on what therapy resonates with you and an appropriate plan will be developed to suit your individual needs.


We will provide a safe, empathetic and understanding environment where you will thrive. Let our gentle, experienced & caring counsellors, walk beside you in your journey to better mental health.


We offer personalised nutritional services so you can achieve your goals.  Prior to your appointment we will send you a questionnaire that will help us evaluate where you are now and your future progress. During your 50 minute initial consultation, we will conduct a full body assessment, review your health history, assess your dietary intake and lifestyle habits.


We will  develop a nutrition plan that will compliment, your lifestyle and assist you to achieve your mental health goals.Biochemistry testing may be required to assess nutrient deficiencies or irregularities. We may also prescribe nutritional supplementation at an additional cost. 


This holistic approach with a focus on improving the link between gut health and mental health, will help improve mood, energy levels, mental clarity & sleep. Let us work with you for better mental health outcomes.

The Benefits of Therapy and Support




Let us explore what is really going on and find the power in self awareness.
Self awareness is the first step to change.

Find acceptance and understanding, when you need it most.

Connect & collaborate to transform your life.

Free yourself from your worries & concerns. 

We will liberate you from unhealthy patterns and explore healthy coping strategies

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Life In Balance Group wants to support people who want to improve the quality and meaning of their lives.

We are passionate, caring, Counselling & Nutritional professionals, ready to support you - no referrals required.

We Provide Treatments for:



Grief & Loss

Mental Health


Stress Management


Confidence Building

Relationship issues

Self Esteem 


We can support you to make the changes you want.

Experience Healing and Empowerment through our Therapy Sessions

Online Therapy

Your choice, your way. Choosing online therapy means greater privacy and convenience as you choose your location where you feel comfortable and safe. No travel, so time saved! Online therapy allows more flexible booking times for our clients. Online Therapy is accessible for those who may not have the means of transportation or health concerns that make travel difficult.

Be comfortable in your own space and book an online counselling session.

Appointments (50 mins)

Online Video Call

Our Process

Bring balance back into your life


Reach out and book your first Session

Secure an appointment by booking online, giving us a call or sending us an email.


Meet your therapist

We will send you a client intake form and assessment.At the first appointment we will get to know you and explore your concerns & we will discuss how we will work together. 


Receive Expert Treatments & Support

Our therapeutic practices  will facilitate positive change that can include  resilience, self awareness, self esteem, confidence, reduced anxiety and depression.

Take the first step to a healthy mind & body

Secure your appointment by booking online or contact us.

If you would like further information or to make an appointment direct, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 2 business days.

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