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Live Your Best Life

A person's lifestyle has a significant impact on their health. Taking an integrated approach to a healthy state of mind includes exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness is what we advocate at Life in Balance. Some methods we like include:


A good night sleep is so important to our health. Poor sleep is linked to weight gain, increased appetite and increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression and stroke. Poor sleep effects inflammation in the digestive tract and can affect emotions and social interactions. Good sleep patterns can reduce these risks, improve concentration, productivity & immune function. (Leech, 2020)

A Woman Meditating which Promotes Better Mental Health


Meditation is a process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. Benefits include reducing stress, anxiety and pain. Meditation improves your emotional health, enhances self-awareness, can generate kindness and lengthens your attention span. Age related memory loss can be improved, along with sleep and blood pressure.

Woman In a Swimming Pool


Take the strain off your body by swimming. Swimming is great for arthritis as it is less weight bearing. Swimming can improve your mental health, improve your mood and burning kilojoules to help you lose weight and tone up.

Woman Working Out in Gym to Preserve Brain Function

Strength Training

Strength training keeps your muscles strong; it will burn kilojoules to help you maintain weight and helps preserve brain function. Start a weights program with light weights and work your way toward heavier weights. (Harvard Health Publishing, 2019)

Breathing Meditation

Box Breathing Exercise

Youtube: 1 minute breathing exercise by Conscious Works.

Gratitude Journal


Giving thanks can make you happy and develops positive emotions. Gratitude creates optimism and improves quality of life by building strong relationships and the ability to deal with adversity. Ways to develop gratitude: Write a thank you note, keep a gratitude journal, thank someone in person or count your blessing, pray and practice mindfulness.
(Harvard Health, n.d)

Group Fitness Class

Group Fitness

Group exercise can be fun, safe and motivational. Benefits of group fitness include improved cardiovascular fitness & muscular endurance, improved strength and flexibility, an opportunity to meet new friends, reduces stress, boost motivation, improves self-esteem and confidence, (ORIGYM, n.d)

Group of People Running on Street


Running is a weight bearing exercise that can help build strong bones, strengthen muscles, burn kilojoules, improve cardiovascular fitness and maintain a healthy weight. Start with brisk walking and building up to running over six weeks before running. Alternate between walking and running and make sure you warm up first and stretch after. (Better Health Victorian Government, 2013)

Group of Men and Women Hiking as a Way to Promote Vascular Function


Walking has huge benefits. Walking helps you stay trim, improves cholesterol, strengthens bones, lifts your mood, keeps blood pressure under control and lowers your risk of diabetes. (Harvard Health Publishing, 2019)

Walking promotes an antioxidant response and improves vascular function. (Brown et al., 2018, p. 2118).

Girl Relaxing

Anxiety - Box Breathing

YouTube Video 2:47 mins: Box Breathing relaxation technique: How to calm feelings of stress and anxiety by Sunnybrook Hospital.

Woman Doing Watercolours as a Way to Relax and Unwind


Relaxation is a great way to deal with stress and has the ability to lower blood pressure, improve digestion, reduce muscle tension and chronic pain, improve sleep and reduce fatigue. Techniques include, massage, meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, music or art therapy & deep breathing exercises. (Mayo Clinic, 2020)

Two Peopl Cycling on a Mountain


Cycling is low impact with a wealth of health benefits for all levels of fitness. Benefits include weight management, leg strength, core strength, improved mental health, enhanced endurance, boosted energy and metabolism, improved balance, posture and co-ordination and cycling puts less stress on your joints. (Cronkleton, 2020)

Woman Practicing Pilates as a way to Relieve Anxiety


The Pilates method of body conditioning is great for the body, mind and spirit. Pilates improves your memory, relieves anxiety and depression, reduces chronic pain, helps treat insomnia, relieves stress and tension, increases happiness and helps release emotional tension. Improved posture helps to increase confidence. (Pilates Bridge, 2014)

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


Yoga is a mind body discipline that can improve physical function, mental and social wellbeing. (Tew et al., 2017)
Yoga can decrease stress, relieve anxiety, reduce inflammation, improve heart health, reduce chronic pain, promote sleep quality, reduce depression, improve flexibility, balance, & improve breathing, relieve migraines and helps to promote healthy eating habits. (Link, 2017)

Brazil Nuts

Anxiety & Magnesium

Anxiety can be debilitating and lead to symptoms of irritability, worry, restlessness, sleep disturbances and a constant fear, that may stop you from living a full and happy life.

Magnesium is an essential mineral that has an important role to play in energy production and mood regulation in the management of anxiety.

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