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Miranda Geriatric Counselling

Geriatric Counselling Miranda

Geriatrics is a brand of medical sciences that involves investigating the diseases faced by age. Geriatric counselling Miranda is the counselling of old people when they move from their adulthood phase to an older phase. During this time, they may face certain health issues and psychological issues. Health issues occur because of the body’s inability to tolerate diseases. 


This is particularly focused on elderly people. We study the functional status and the quality of life to make it better. Most frequently, conditions such as immobility, instability, and intellectual impairment are complained about by people as they transition to the later years of their lives.

How Geriatric Counselling Does Miranda Work?

The geriatric counselling Miranda process varies greatly, according to the requirements of our clients. Here is a general step-by-step process, which we follow in the counselling process.

Geriatric Counselling


The first step of geriatric counselling Miranda is preparation. Older adults may want to be counseled in different forms. If someone is disabled, they may want online assistance.


While some prefer in-person counselling as it makes them able to communicate better.


Whatever your choice is, we respect that and schedule a meeting in your free time. We reach the office, prior to your set time to avoid any sort of inconvenience.


We start with a brief introduction of the counselor. The purpose of the meeting and the role of the counselor is highlighted to eradicate misconceptions and clearly define the target. We explain how we can help people from different walks of life.

Contact Form

A written record is essential in any counselling process. A contact form is given to the elderly, which requires them to mention their name, age, and demographic information. The name of the counselor is also recorded. In some cases, a relative of the elderly can attend the session. In such cases, his information is also recorded.


Identification of the Issue

The actual session begins with a simple question from the counselor, describing your problems. This will define the purpose of the meeting and why counselling is required. Some clients express one concern and some explain a lot of concerns. We will ask an open-ended question and develop a connection with the client to understand their feelings at a deeper level. Skills of effective listening and critical thinking are important in this step. 


After understanding the needs of the client, we collaborate with the client to establish goals. We never establish goals on our own. Often, the goal is suggested by the client himself. They work closely with each other and the counselor listens to their concerns to find the best plan of action.


Now that the goals have been set, it is time to implement them. A checklist is given and the plan of action is communicated twice for clarification. Only a few achievable goals are set to avoid overwhelming the client. 


In this step, a brief summary of the whole session is given. A prescription with the goals written on it is given. The need for an additional counselling session is also communicated if required. 

We incorporate a feedback form in this process, to identify our areas of improvement and what the client thinks of us.

Types of Geriatric Counselling Miranda

  • Supportive counselling: This type of counselling is used when the elderly person is alone and has no one to refer to. We become his support and act as a friend.

  • Preventive Counselling: In this process, the problem has not occurred yet. The problems are prevented to avoid negative results later on.

  • Confrontational Counselling: It works to identify the negative behaviors in the client himself, and overcome the obstacles in changing them. 

  • Educative Counselling: AS the name says, this teaches the client. The queries of the client listen and the best possible solutions are taught to them.

  • Depth Counselling: A long-term connection is cultivated with the client and his problems are listened to deeply. Solutions for these problems are provided in detail. Multiple sessions are included in this type of therapy.

Counselling Geriatric

Strategies Used by Geriatric Counselling Miranda

We hold expertise in counselling elderly people. It is not a piece of cake.


An array of strategies are employed to develop a meaningful connection with the client and identify the problems faced and the best possible solution for them. Some of the most commonly used strategies are;

Asking Questions

The art of asking questions is not possessed by everyone. Cautious planning and critical thinking skills are essential to create a set of questions that do not reflect biases, racism, or any sort of discrimination towards any part of society. Open-ended questions are useful if we need to understand the scenarios of the client. We ask clear questions to avoid any misconceptions. However, too many questions can frustrate the client. He may start to feel as if he is being investigated. Thus, he will not be able to communicate his concerns. 


Geriartic counselling Miranda strikes a balance between narrow and broad questions and sprinkles some humor to keep the client engaged. The counselor can share their personal experiences to create a sense of trust and genuineness. The distortions in the session can be removed by asking a set of yes or no questions.

Julie Lorente Director Counsellor & Nutritionist


Paraphrasing is done to check the accuracy of the information. It can also help to avoid any misunderstanding. When a client hears back what he has said, he is more like to be confident and aware of the facts. It facilitates the client in identifying more problems he faces and what is the nature of the problem. This way the client knows that the counselor has understood his message and will not repeat the same thing again and again. It saves time and human energy. The problems make more sense when they are heard from another person.

In a nutshell,  geriatric counselling Miranda is essential for anyone who is going toward the older years of his life. Even if you do not face a problem, geriatric counselling Miranda will help to prevent any problems that can arise later on. If you are facing any difficulty in your life, book an appointment now. We will be glad to help you.

If you would like further information or to make an appointment direct, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 2 business days.

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