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General Counselling Miranda

General counselling can help to defeat your mental and emotional difficulties. We understand the patients and create a plan to make their lives better. A general counselor is someone who diagnoses a mental health issue and provides a solution to the concern. General counselling Miranda is not limited to one type of concern. 


The counselling process begins with an assessment of the patient. It is done through detailed conversation, and random talks with the patient to get to know more about his personality and the way he feels. After the identification of the patient’s concerns, we develop a treatment plan. 


This plan incorporates medicines, counselling, or therapy. The counselor won’t leave you after giving the plan like a doctor. We will be there for you to regularly discuss the treatment and monitor the progress towards the set goals. Appropriate coping mechanisms are incorporated to take the patients out of their current situation. 











Miranda General Counselling

Treating Mental Illnesses

Counselors have this unique ability and are knowledgeable about different approaches to making mental health better. Research has approved that patients with depression, anxiety, and negative behaviors have benefitted from general counselling. It can help to treat chronic conditions such as depression. If you are a victim of depression, go for general counselling Miranda. It can lessen your symptoms by improving your mood and making the sleep cycle better. Counselling is also helpful in managing anxiety and different forms of phobias. 


Medical Costs

Your physical health and mental health are connected. When your mental health is treated, you will stay away from physical health issues. This will reduce your medical expenses because medical costs are much higher than the cost of a therapy session. 



Throughout the counselling process, the counselor will teach you various communication skills. It incorporates both verbal and nonverbal behavior. This will boost your self-confidence. We provide psychoeducation. Psychoeducation is the knowledge of mental health issues and the treatment options available.  People are usually aware of the condition they face but are unaware of its cause. Our session can help you identify the root causes. It will make your plan of action more effective. Clients also learn behavior change skills in general counselling Miranda.


General counselling Miranda makes your life meaningful. You begin to find joy in the bare minimum. It injects positive behaviors in you and shifts your mindset towards a healthier side. It makes you trained in the ability to overcome mental health issues and makes you self-sufficient.


Counselling gives you direction in life. You collaborate with our counselor to establish small and achievable goals. You define the purpose of your life and struggle hard to achieve it. You get a genuine opinion and empathetic response from us.


We cannot share our problems with a stranger, yet we act as your friends. We are your constant system of support and guidance. The room of general counselling Miranda is your personal space where you can share your feelings and experiences without any hesitation. We commit to keeping your information confidential.


Types of Counselling

A counselor can specialize in various fields of her job. Some of these include;


  • Career

  • Relationships

  • Childhood Trauma

  • Physical Trauma

  • Drug Addiction

  • Students

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Grief and Loss

  • Geriatrics


Types of counselling are not just the area where the counselor specializes, they can be classified on the abscess of the strategies they apply in their sessions. It can be cognitive, or behavioral. Psychoanalytic or systemic.

Why is General Counselling Miranda Important?

The benefits of general counselling cannot be neglected. Thousands of people have benefitted from this service and improved their lives. It helps people to understand their emotions in a better way and clearly define their goals. It can help to freshen up your mood and prevent severe health issues. We have compiled a few benefits of general counselling Miranda;

What are the Skills of a Counselor?


The three major skills on which we hold fast are care, honesty, and empathy. Yet, a counselor should be equipped with an array of skills including analytical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, and critical behavior.


Since every client comes from a different situation and a unique culture, we are aware of your needs. You have unique experiences in your life. Our plan is designed to fulfill the needs of all our customers. 

General Counselling
Miranda Counselling

Stages of General Counselling Miranda

Counselling is divided into five different stages, each with its own significance in making your life better. Here is a brief description of the general counselling Miranda procedure.


Our primary focus is to cultivate a bond between our clients and us. We prioritize building a meaningful connection. This process is usually completed in the first session. We ask open-ended questions and use the skill of active listening to understand the concerns and the thoughts of the client.

Stage 2:

The conversation goes on. During this time, the bond continues to strengthen and we try to identify your problem by the way you talk and the way you express your emotions. We interpret the way our mind thinks. We generally ask you the reason why you want to see a counselor.


Stage 3:

Now, as we have listened to you, it's time for a plan. We collaborate with you to develop a goal that is achievable for you. It can be one or a few goals, but we usually refrain from overwhelming the client with several goals.


Stage 4:

A behavioral strategy such as a person-centered approach or motivational interviewing is included to overcome the obstacles on your way to a better life. The type of intervention depends on your situation.

Stage 5: 

We highlight the importance of follow-ups, as they help to monitor your progress and identify if any change in therapy is required.

Julie Lorente Director Counsellor & Nutritionist

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If you are facing any difficulty in your life, we are at your service. General counselling Miranda helps you to overcome mental health issues by identifying your struggles, feelings, and experiences. We work to lessen the obstacles in your way to a better life.

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