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Depression Counselling Miranda

Let’s begin with the basic question, what is depression? It is a severe mood disorder that affects the way you think, the way of your life, and your social interaction. It’s like a feeling of irritation or disinterest in anything. You lose happiness. Now, who can suffer from depression? Well, depression is not limited to a certain age or a group of people. It can affect anyone- whether it's a child, a teenager or an aged person. 


The majority of the 5% of the global population who suffer from depression are adults. There’s no need to stress about it, since depression is curable. You will feel better if you have a session with depression counselling Miranda.

Depression Counselling

How to Know if I Have Depression?

The symptoms of depression can vary to great degrees. Hence, it can be difficult for you to understand if it is actually depression or any other health issue. You cannot live with depression. It can have negative effects on your personal and social life.


If you have a depressive disorder, you should identify and treat it immediately with depression counselling Miranda. Here’s how you can identify if you have depressive disorder;

  • The most common symptom is self-doubt. You feel that you cannot achieve anything or your life is not what you want it to be. Nothing will make you happy and you lose the desire to live. A time comes when you begin to question your existence. 

  • People suffering from depressive disorder usually get anxious and nervous about little things that are not even worth thinking about. 

  • Lack of focus in any task you perform or being least productive is another indicator of depression. If this feeling occurs for a short time span, it will not be classified as depression, but if it becomes a part of daily routine, it is likely to be depression. 

  • People with depression get irritable. They are frustrated even if the bare minimum discomfort occurs. They cannot bear people around them and keep themselves locked in four walls.

  • If you are facing depression, your sleep cycle, menstrual cycle, and eating practices are disrupted. Some people start eating more, and some may stop eating. You feel lethargic and may face headaches or stomach aches.

Varieties of Depression

Like many other health conditions, depression can exist in many different types. Researchers have classified it into five major categories;


Mild Depression: If you experience some of the above-mentioned feelings, but they are not severe enough to affect your daily routine you can have mild depression. In this type, people often complain of a lack of energy and the desire to do anything. They lose interest in the acts or practices which they used to enjoy earlier.

Miranda Depression Counselling

Clinical Depression: This is the major or severe form of depression that can take you to the hospital. Symptoms get to a higher degree and interfere with your life. Your sleeping pattern, eating habits, and hormonal cycle are altered. In extreme cases, the person gets suicidal thoughts.

Bipolar Disorder: As the name suggests, a person suffering from bipolar depression will face two different sets of feelings. They can be extremely productive at one time and feel lethargic at the other. This variation exists in all their life aspects.

Seasonal Affective Disorder: A variety of depression that is stimulated by a particular season is known as seasonal affective disorder. If you face signs of depression in a particular season or a month, you can be suffering from this disorder. If this is you go for depression counselling Miranda.

Postnatal Depression: The most common type of depression in adult females is postnatal depression. This occurs after going through the childbirth phase. 

How Depression Counselling Miranda Works?

To cure a disease, it's essential to understand the roots of the disease. You should know where the disease comes from, and you can do this by booking an appointment with depression counselling Miranda. At times, people know what caused them to be like this, but in complex cases, people are unaware of the roots. One reason or one incident in your life cannot result in depression. 


Unfortunate Circumstances

Life is unexpected. If people go through a distressing incident that shakes their life, they are much more likely to suffer from depression. Examples of such events include divorce, the loss of a loved one, or losing a job. 


One key aspect of this point is that if you keep your grief stuck in yourself, you will face depression. Unfortunate events can occur to anyone, yet some people get out of them and some get depressed. This is the way you deal with the situation.


Alcohol Abuse

A rising cause of depression is alcohol abuse. Small amounts of alcohol do not pose health risks, but as the excess of everything is bad, the excess of alcohol is bad. It can cause you to develop depression and get depression counselling Miranda for its treatment. 

Health Issues

People may get into depression after finding that they have a certain disease. This happens because they get worried and think about the negative consequences. Some common illnesses are hormonal issues, particularly in females, accidents, and life-threatening diseases like heart disease or cancer.

Past Trauma

Anything you faced in the past, either in recent years or in your childhood can influence your health. Severe circumstances such as verbal or nonverbal abuse, and not having any support from family or friends can cause depressive disorder. Depression counselling Miranda can be your support system for coming out of this situation.

Julie Lorente Director Counsellor & Nutritionist

Depression Counselling Miranda

You need to have a session with depression counselling Miranda, to get out of depression. We use different therapies like talking therapy to identify the roots that cause depression and the obstacles you face in coming out of it. We apply cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy to have a deeper look into your situation and find the best possible situations for you. Depression counselling Miranda is at your service.

If you would like further information or to make an appointment direct, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 2 business days.

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