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Anxiety Counselling Miranda

More than half of the world’s population has experienced anxiety, once or more times in their lifetime. However, this scenario can get severe in some circumstances. Anxiety is a sudden feeling of fear or terror that can cross normal boundaries. Feeling of fear is common for humans, but if it happens frequently, you need to look for a treatment. If you are facing this, anxiety counselling Miranda is always there for your help. 


Anxiety disorder is not restricted to one effect or illness. It is known as a disorder because it has more than one effect on your health. It can be in the form of phobias or social anxiety disorder. With time, feelings of anxiety and fear can influence your life.


Types of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorder is not limited to one type as we have mentioned earlier.  Anxiety counselling Miranda extends its services for all these types of anxiety disorders. We first understand the type of anxiety and develop a treatment plan according to your needs.


Panic Disorder: This form is characterized by recurrent feelings of terror that reach elevated levels within the span of a few minutes. A person will avoid the things that cause this panic. You may experience chest pain in your chest, and your heartbeat goes much higher than the normal rate.

Separation Anxiety Disorder: This happens because a child is worried about his parents leaving him or if anything bad happens to them. Hence, it is a childhood disorder.

Health Related Anxiety: If you experience fear or anxiety after a health condition, it is referred to as health-related anxiety disorder.  

Agoraphobia: This is the name given to the fear in which you start to stay away from places that have caused unhappiness in the past. 

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: It is characterized by consistent worrying about anything that is going to happen. Such people worry a lot about even the smallest inconvenience. 

Selective Mutism: If a child cannot speak in front of people, they might be suffering from selective mutism. Anxiety counselling Miranda is a good choice for them.

Specific Phobias: Phobias can exist in any type. It is the fear of an object or a situation. Anxiety related to this is called phobia-induced anxiety. 

Substance-Induced Anxiety Disorder: If anxiety is a result of drug abuse, medications, or anything like this, it is a substance-induced anxiety disorder. 

Best Tools to Manage Anxiety

Anxiety can significantly influence your life. Proper therapy is crucial to prevent this issue from exceeding and having adverse results.


You cannot manage anxiety on your own as it comes in various forms- it’s important to consult anxiety counselling Miranda, as we can facilitate a change.


Best Tools to Manage Anxiety

Anxiety can significantly influence your life. Proper therapy is crucial to prevent this issue from exceeding and having adverse results.


You cannot manage anxiety on your own as it comes in various forms- it’s important to consult anxiety counselling Miranda, as we can facilitate a change.

Cognitive Therapy

We offer cognitive therapy. This strategy focuses on thoughts and beliefs that are connected with feelings of fear. Your perception of anything will influence the way you think, and it can enhance your level of anxiety. It stresses self-talk, attention training, and evaluating negative thoughts to help you overcome this condition. 

Behavior Therapy

You have to face the fears to overcome them. This is the principle of behavioral therapy. It trains you to consider the fear a positive feeling. It is usually done in the following steps:


  • Arrange the fears starting from the most dangerous and ending on the least dangerous.

  • Selecting one on which you want to work.

  • Imagine that you are in the situation and analyze the fears you have in your mind.

  • Design a plan with small and achievable goals to overcome your fear.

  • Utilizing breathing strategies and motivating talks to manage anxiety.

  • Appreciating yourself for the effort.

  • Repeating the process.

Relaxation Techniques

If you are feeling distressed, you should try out relaxation techniques. Commonly used strategies for relaxing are isometric relaxation exercises, meditation, and abdominal breathing. 

Breathing Techniques

If you are suffering from anxiety, you need to focus on your breathing. Try to breathe from your diaphragm, instead of the chest. This can help to prevent hyperventilation as it is a cause of anxiety. 


Dietary Changes

Certain minerals such as magnesium contribute to anxiety and depression. On the contrary, B vitamins and calcium can eradicate anxiety symptoms. Choose a well-balanced and healthy diet to keep your body functioning at its best capacity. 


Anxiety increases the level of your body’s fight-or-flight hormones such as adrenaline. Exercise works to decrease the production of these hormones, and thus helps to overcome anxiety.


Frequently, anxiety arises from being unable to communicate your thoughts, feelings, or preferences.  Anxiety counselling Miranda can counsel you in communication. We use the best communication strategies to boost your self-confidence and reduce social awkwardness. 

Problem Solving

We will teach you how to solve daily life problems. Stressing on a problem will never do any good. It is important to seek help from anxiety counselling Miranda to learn to break up a problem and make it easier to solve.

Julie Lorente Director Counsellor & Nutritionist

Should I see a Doctor?

If you are still wondering about the need to see a doctor, you are wrong. It’s essential to see anxiety counselling Miranda if you are facing any of these;


  • You are so tense that this feeling affects your personal and professional life.

  • The feelings of fear and anxiety get out of control.

  • Your mental health is affected and you face depression.

  • You have physical health issues which can cause anxiety.

  • You are getting thoughts of suicide.


The feeling of anxiety will not go away on their own. You have to treat them as soon as possible to prevent any further health issues. If you are looking for treatment anxiety counselling Miranda is always there to serve you!

If you would like further information or to make an appointment direct, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 2 business days.

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